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Our sales team of engineers takes part on a regular basis to training organized by our suppliers and partners. Thanks to this continuing training they are able to provide the best technical advice for your sealing issues. Those skills allow them to provide the most suitable product for your need. The monitoring of the customer and his order, from the order until the delivery, is dealt with by the commercial himself.

Stock capabilities

EST keeps in stock more than 1500 items for its customers. This allows EST to reply quickly to customer needs and emergency. EST is also used to build annual supply contract with some of his customer in order to simplify the administrative task.


EST has at its disposal modern production tools and has for 10 years build the knowledge needed to use it in efficient way.

Delivery time and quality:

From the request for quotation until the delivery to your factory, we do our best in order to shorten the delay as much as possible. This reactivity is one of the main strength of EST and do not affect the accuracy and the quality of our product and/or services.